The Bible is still the best seller but if it's not allowed to do it's work it is of no value.

A percentage of every sale goes to a school for troubled youth in memory of our son who wanted to start such a school of his own.

Character Built Today... Decides Your Child's Future Tomorrow!


SOMEBODY will teach your CHILDREN!
WHO will it be?
WHAT will they LEARN?

TV gives emphasis to violence and murder
Literature today features sex and crime
Juvenile delinquency is increasing rapidly
Teachers, Police, and Parents are worried!!

You are your child's first and most important

And for the world's most challeging job,
you need the best


The first tool we found was in our doctor's office. This set of blue books is called
We all loved reading the Bible in this
story format.

Then we learned of another series by the same author, Arthur S. Maxwell, called,

As new members of the family came along we found books especially for preschoolers.
My Bible Friends
by Etta B. Degering,
gave our children many hours of enjoyment, pouring over the full color double page illustrations and repeating the stories to themselves.
This series received the Edison Award.

Some fantastic CD's our whole family enjoys:
Your Story Hour

Some of the character development DVD's
we enjoyed as a family were

Moody Science Classics

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